Sunday, October 6, 2013

Puppy Sleep Over

Last night, Tucker and Ellie came over for a sleep over in our itty bitty apartment to visit Lucy and Buddy.

Poor Buddy hardly appears in these pictures till at the end. He wasn't super happy about these other dogs on his home turf stealing all the best toys and sleeping spots.

Tucker - 5ish months in these pictures, 55 pounds yellow lab
Lucy - golden retriever 25 pounds 4ish months here
Ellie - 4yrs old black lab/part golden
Buddy- 4 yrs and all American mutt

Tucker pissed everywhere he's so excited, Ellie barked at strange noises because she's not used to being in an apartment, Lucy and Tucker had a blast (they're in puppy love... Just look at the looks on their faces) Buddy just did his own thing and tried to stay out of the way...

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