Thursday, October 31, 2013

November training goal: proofing recall

This month Lucy did so good! She learned:

Up up 
Out of sight stays 
Stays with distractions
Lots of practice on recall
Lots of socialization specific walks

She's getting bigger, faster, smarter,
braver... And possibly sweeter??
More independent... I can just see it. I knew it was coming. Wandering off here and there... 

And her legs will get longer. And she's going to get bigger and stronger... This month I want to work on proofing recall!
I want to focus on finding out her weaknesses and working on recall response on as many distractions I can think of.

One of Lucy's biggest distractions is something that smells really amazing. She'll come but it'll be after she's done sniffing X. So we're going to do some walks with the long leash and if she doesn't respond right away ill do a slight tug on the leash:)

Especially as she makes the transition from tiny cute puppy who sticks right by your side to independent big dog that has a mind of her own ... I think it's a good time to really focus on recall... The most important thing she'll ever learn!

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