Friday, October 4, 2013

Recent training progress & upcoming goals

No accidents in over a week! This dog is finally house-broken?! I think our one mistake that delayed this a bit was by not crating her when we left the apartment at first. We were afraid she would bark. We would come home and there would be accidents when we weren’t there. Finally, we just decided to crate her while we were gone. Suddenly, it just clicked for her.
No barking in crate! And she continues to get better about settling down and just letting Josh sleep during the day after I leave for work.
Loose leash walking success! Seriously, before age 15 weeks we didn’t walk her at all pretty much because she wasn’t completely vaccinated and we were so afraid she would get parvo or some other dreadful stuff. She’s almost 19 weeks now and I have to say that she is unbelievably amazing on the leash for a puppy. Mostly, she’s distracted (but not too crazy or super pulling, mostly just going left to right to everywhere lol) for about the first half mile and after that she pretty much just settles into it. She knows what she’s supposed to do and that’s good enough for me. Mostly used clicker training at first. Bought a halti, used it once. I’ll use it more if she gets super crazy at pulling as she gets bigger. Will continue to work on this and work on distractions.
Learned shake really fast!  Time to teach her something completely new while we work on the other basics. Next up, “Drop it”.

Upcoming training goals:
• Working on a longer in-sight stay – build up to 5 minutes over the next two weeks (right now max we’ve done is 3.5 minutes)
• Working on out of sight stay – we have done very little practice on this. So, time to switch it up a bit and incorporate some this.
• Work on “Drop-it” (right now zero/little concept). Really important for her to know because she gets into EVERYTHING. This dog will literally lick the dirt off the ground.
• Reinforce come command to build foundation to start building on this further.

Other goals still on the list:
• Off
• Wait
• Touch
• Up up (lol - eventually have her be able to turn off the lights for when I'm really lazy!!)
• Jump
• Put it away
• Pick it up

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