Monday, October 21, 2013

Progress last week - socialization

So last week Lucy got lots of socialization. She met over 100 people. Made sure that a lot of our walks were at busy parks.

The whole thing that made me want to focus on that more was when I realized there were certain things she wasn't used to because she has never loud kids playing basketball and big big men with lots of fishing gear.

So this week when there was kids playing basketball I just let her observe and watch and have her treats for a few minutes. The next time we passed all the commotion she stopped in her tracks and looked up at me waiting for her treat!

Basically Lucy is pretty darn fearless most of the time. But she's still a puppy. 

Lol even silly goofball sixty pound tucker is afraid of the backless stairs at our apartment (had to carry him up). Seems like even the dogs with even the best dispositions get wary of new things once in awhile.

Lucy pretty much just needs time to observe X for a couple of minutes when she encounters it for the first time. And I just have to make sure to expose her to as many different scenarios as possible to continue building and reinforcing that natural confidence:p

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