Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Training goals

Absolute top priority is to eventually have a solid recall!! Lucy knows (with minimal distractions) come, sit, stay, down... and as of last night... Shake!

This week I want to start working on:
• Building up to out of sight stays. Right now she can stay for several minutes as long as she can see me
• Practice come on walks when using long leash (minimal/low medium distractions)
• Loose leash walking (right now zero concept)
• Heel (right now zero concept)
• Shake (more practice, get her to do it with both paws)

Eventually I want to work on the below as well. This list is more of a reminder for me to teach her. Because I always think oh-duh I haven't taught her that yet. But then comes training time and I forget what I wanted to work on,

• Off
• Wait
• Touch
• Up up (lol - eventually have her be able to turn off the lights for when I'm really lazy!!)
• Jump
• Drop-it
• Put it away
• Pick it up

Training Lucy is really fun. More than anything I want a dog that I can take up to the dog park and she will come no matter what. I'm going to try really hard to work on this one the most. I don't plan on taking any fancy dog courses (maybe a recall class if it seemed really amazing)

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