Thursday, September 26, 2013

Loose leash walking

Okay, so I have always taught a dog to not pull on the leash either by pulling on the leash a million times or using a a halti leader. Halti leader I have found was a miracle!

But here I am experimenting with using a clicker. Last night I followed the instructions using this article:

We took a walk around the pond and I clicked and treated a lot for her walking beside me. I tried to treat while in motion. Previously on taking her on walks, I haven't focused on loose leash walking just exercise with one of those long retractable leashes. She only got her shots 2.5 weeks ago so she hasn't been walked much up to this point.

I was surprised by how well she did. Granted, I felt really awkward and silly training this way. There were a few times she would run and sniff stuff (retractable leash) and I would just practice the come command when she did that. 

Overall she did really well. It was nighttime and minimal distractions. So I guess ill just practice this a few times even though its kind of awkward.

The only thing I don't like is I would just prefer to go out and take puppy to the park and run around and exercise and have fun with her. This training exercise took up a lot of time. So I hope it actually works. But I do realize I need to put focused attention into training her.

Anyone have any suggestions? I feel like puppy will get the general idea of I follow this through but just curious what everyone else's thoughts are on training loose leash walking.


  1. I'm wondering what about using the clicker during your walk made you feel awkward / silly. I'll read further into the blog - maybe you address this later?

  2. Hi Gloria! The part that was awkward was the timing. You have a clicker treats and a leash. So a treat pouch helps.