Friday, September 27, 2013

Adventures at the dog park!

So I took the puppies out to 1000 acres last night. I didn't want to do another boring training session and just wanted to have some fun with the puppies.

Both dogs were really good. The only thing I want to discourage is them running up to dogs/people without my permission. At the same time I kind of want to encourage this behavior for socialization reasons. SO I have to think about that.

Lucy is really good and seems to understand that most of the time she should be by my side walking. I'm actually really surprised about how much she seems to understand that this is what she's supposed to do. So I'd say she has a good basic concept of loose leash walking :) Enough so that soon we should be working on heel. It's like overnight she is no longer darting in every distraction, staying by my side, and occasionally investigating X. So good foundation to build on. Especially as she grows, gets bigger, gets more adventurous, gets braver, gets more rebellious. Stay tuned. :)

Honestly, I have to say that teaching loose leash walking is one of the most boring/time consuming training things. But we'll practice a few more times C&T around the pond so she really gets it.

I guess really I should be working on distractions to. Like when dogs dart off at the dog park. Or start pulling on the least all of a sudden because of a distraction. Like it would be really great if pup pup would give me a look asking for permission to go engage in said distraction before taking off. Not sure how to teach this exactly but I have an idea...

Mostly this is what this blog is about. Raising puppy, realizing I need to teach certain things, and then through trial and error figuring how in the world to get puppy to realize to do X is the best thing ever.

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