Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Loose leash walking and recall - ramblings as we learn!

Tonight we did ten steps or so, then
treat. Used cue "nice". I can see her thinking about it. Did that for about twenty minutes. Then let her just have fun off leash for about ten. I'm impressed with her understanding of this, especially given we did it when she was full of puppy energy after being cooped up all day.

Lucy loves smelly things. And when I pull her back to me in these moments (on lead) she hates it. Don't want to force her. But she needs to understand come means now. Not sure how to work on that. She's being very stubborn in that specific circumstance.

Maybe I need to make recall the funnest game ever like I did when she was a puppy. Maybe even try some boiled chicken. Maybe switch it up and run in the opposite direction so she learns to check in more and stay more in time with where I am. All I know is she loves smelly things, and when she smells something she tuned me out and she will come back - but only after smelling the thing she's so curious about.

Still conditioning her to wear halti inside. Still doesn't like it, but isn't protesting it as much as before.

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